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“As a purpose-driven co-operative working towards a sustainable and inclusive future, we are a proud long-time sponsor of The Co-operative Young Leaders (CYL) program. Through this important initiative, we are fostering the next generation of leaders to embrace and thrive in a co-operative environment while making meaningful contributions to their communities. The CYL program is a special development opportunity for young talent across the co-op space in Canada.”

- Shawna Peddle, Associate VP of Citizenship at Co-operators

Camp facilitators holding up a thank you sign for Co-operators' sponsorship


Sponsoring CYL is an investment in youth and in your co-operative.

Your support allows us to provide youth with valuable life and career skills, while gaining important knowledge about the values and principles of co-operation, and the co-operative sector. In return, sponsors can gain the loyalty and gratitude of their young members, while having the opportunity to work with participants and facilitators throughout the year. Make sponsoring CYL part of your organization's youth engagement strategy! Learn more about all the ways you can support and get involved in the program...

How you can support CYL

Sponsor CYL!

There are many ways to support CYL, including sponsoring the program, a youth participant (or multiple participants), or the facilitation training weekend. Check out the sponsorship proposal here and some free resources below that you can use to promote your sponsorship, recruit participants, and  engage youth in your organization!


Facilitate at CYL!

Being a volunteer facilitator at CYL is an incredible professional development opportunity, and a chance to further your own leadership and communication skills by engaging the minds and hearts of the next generation of co-operative leaders. Facilitators emerge with a new confidence born of making a tangible difference in the lives of others.


Donate to CYL!

We can work together to introduce youth to the co-operative sector and ensure a strong and vibrant future for all. Your gift to CYL provides opportunities for youth to develop leadership, communication and teambuilding skills, while being guided by the co-operative principles. Co-Unity, our charitable organization, is now accepting donations!

Sponsor Resources

THANK YOU to our 2024 Sponsors... click on their logos to learn more about them!

Program Sponsors

Participant Sponsors

Facilitator and In-kind Sponsors

Sponsor Recognition
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