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  • What is your camper to staff ratio?
    In order to ensure the safety and success of all participants, our participant to staff ratio is 5:1.
  • What is a leadership camp?
    Leadership camps provide youth with the opportunity to develop their self confidence, communication, and independence. They learn how to lead others, collaborate, and cooperate more effectively in teams. Your child will learn the essential skills and techniques needed in order to look at challenges from a different perspective. The learning takes place through fun and engaging activities and with the guidance of volunteers from the CYL program.
  • Are there bursaries or sponsorships available?
    Yes, there are many sponsorships available from our co-operative sector in Ontario. Please click here to complete a sponsorship request form. Each request will be reviewed by Carol Fleming, Director of CYL, and an email response will be provided.
  • What is the Code of Conduct?
    At CYL, we believe in creating a camp community focused on providing a positive experience and impact for all youth and facilitators in a safe environment, and where they are encouraged to be themselves. We recognize that living in a camp community can only take place in a mutually respectful and caring environment. To achieve this, everyone must be willing to comply with and sign the CYL Code of Conduct upon arrival at camp. View the Facilitator Code of Conduct. View the Participant Code of Conduct.
  • Why go to CYL?
    The Co-operative Young Leaders (CYL) is truly a unique summer camp. We focus on leadership, strong friendships, co-operation, and our volunteers are passionate and dedicated role models for the youth who attend. CYL is one-part traditional camp activities and one part experiential learning. Youth will get a great balance between many of the activities you may expect from other summer camps, such as campfires, swimming, and sports. We also offer engaging workshops focused on leadership, self-awareness, and communication. We encourage and support a safe and inclusive environment where youth are accepted and valued for who they truly are.
  • Where is the camp located?
    The camp is located at the Gay Lea Foods’ Co-operative Education Centre (CEC) at 48075 Jamestown Line in Aylmer Ontario. Please click here for more details about the CEC.
  • What is the food like? Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
    The staff at the CEC provide healthy meals and snack each day. We are easily able to accommodate any dietary restrictions and special requests communicated to us through the registration process. Please note that the CEC is a nut-free environment.
  • What if I have to cancel my child's registration?
    If you need to adjust your registration or switch camp dates, please contact Carol Fleming, Director Co-operative Young Leaders at . Please note that the $50.00 application fee will not be refunded. Click here for the CYL Cancellation Policy.
  • Are there trained medical staff on site?
    At each week of CYL there are two designated Frist Aid attendants who will oversee all of the medical needs. Participants are asked to hand in their prescriptions upon arrival that will be overseen by the OCA site staff and one volunteer facilitator. For more details, please click here for our policy.
  • Are cell phones allowed at CYL?
    Yes, cell phones may be used at camp during daily supervised free time. To refer to our cell phone policy, please click here.
  • Is CYL only for youth from the co-operative sector?
    CYL welcomes all youth to camp. Youth will have the opportunity to meet and form lasting friendships with participants from all different backgrounds and communities within Ontario. If your child has specific needs, please reach out to us and we would be happy to talk to you.
  • How are the volunteer staff selected and trained?
    At each week, our volunteers are a mix of retuning and new employees from the co-operative sector and CYL Alumni. Prior to beginning their training, each applicant must provide a reference and a completed criminal record check. Training includes workshops in facilitation skills, teambuilding, understand and knowledge of cooperation, conflict resolution and inclusivity and diversity. Many of our volunteer facilitators are CYL Alumni who generously donate their time and energy to the CYL program.
  • What age can my child attend CYL?
    The target age for CYL is between 13 and 18. Please note the age is determined by the year of their birth. For example, if your child is 12 but turning 13 by the end of year, then they qualify for camp.
  • How much is CYL camp?
    The cost to attend one week of CYL camp is $1,150.00 plus a nonrefundable $50.00 administration fee. If you would like to discuss payment arrangements, please contact our CYL Director, Carol Fleming at or 289-442-1433.
  • What are the CYL policies?
    Below you will find all of our policies for your reference: Anti-Harassment policy Cancellation policy Cell Phone policy Gender policy Inclusion, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure policy Medication Administration policy
  • What are the CYL Codes of Conduct?
    Here are our Codes of Conduct for your reference: Facilitator Code of Conduct Participant Code of Conduct
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